Keno Online – A Fun Lottery-Like Game to Play in Top Casinos

Keno online is a lottery-like casino game available in traditional physical outlets and online betting sites. In playing keno, the player wager by picking numbers from 1 through 80.  Players can play one ticket or several tickets at a time. There’s also an option to play these tickets for several rounds.

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After you submit your bets, the operator draws 20 numbers (other game variants may draw fewer numbers) at random, using a machine or through the help of a Random Number Generator or RNG. You’re paid according to the casino’s paytable if you match the winning numbers. And if there are extra features, like Bonus number or Multiplier, you win a bigger payout if you also match these.

Like the lottery, it’s a fun, easy-to-learn, potentially lucrative game. You can now play this in real money in top online casinos and gambling sites. But before you wager real money in keno, read our deep dive into this game to enjoy and play responsibly.

How to Play Keno Online? 

Online keno is a fast, easy, and exciting casino game. Players can expect a draw every hour or even a few minutes in many online casinos. In traditional keno games, you’ll need ten numbers from 80 numbers. Each draw is complete after the system draws 20 numbers. 

Depending on the variant, keno online may allow you to add a Keno Bonus to the keno tickets. Here are the basic steps you need to follow to play keno in online casinos:

  1. Select the numbers you want to play, and you can pick up to 10 numbers at a time. In addition, most online gambling sites allow you to play several tickets simultaneously.
  2. Identify how much you want to wager for each draw.
  3. If the game features a Bonus, you can tick its box. In addition, on some sites, you have the option to use the ticket for several draws.
  4. Once ready, click ‘Buy Now’ or a related button that signifies your intent to play.
  5. Wait for the system to draw balls randomly. Then, if you match a specific set of numbers, you win a payout based on the paytable!

There are several tools that players can use when playing the game. For example, a Quick Pick option allows the system to select players’ numbers randomly. Depending on the betting site, players may find a timer that counts the remaining time for the next game.

Keno Online

The Technology Behind Online Keno Philippines – How does it Work? 

While keno online is an easy game to play, the technology is advanced and a bit complex. One of the main principles in playing keno is to draw numbers from a pool randomly and provide players with exciting win potential. As such, online gambling sites, including those in the Philippines, use RNG software. Keno’s RNG works like the software in online casinos, randomly picking winning numbers. 

The RNG software for online keno may boast several features depending on the provider. Standard software may integrate user dashboards that allow manual or automatic picking of numbers. So when you play keno online, you can use the ‘Lucky Pick. 

Players may also use the ‘Auto Daub’ option when playing keno online. This feature automatically marks the winning numbers for the player. So even if you’re not looking at your virtual online keno cards, you won’t miss the winning numbers. 

There are other features of keno online, and they vary depending on the software or betting site. Traditionally, most online keno games feature a History tab for the recent winning numbers, a Bonus that allows you to add more numbers, and a list of ‘Hot and Cold’ numbers. Hot and cold numbers are the numbers that frequently appear in the last few rounds and those that rarely appear.

What is the difference between Keno and Bingo? 

Bingo and keno online are similar in design, gameplay, and features. Online keno is a lottery game with rules similar to traditional town lotteries. Like the bingo game, online keno uses RNG software to determine the winning numbers and the lucky players who’ll collect the payout. However, with keno online, you can choose your numbers, and you don’t need to wait for someone to call the winning numbers for you. It’s one reason why keno games are better options for players who prefer fast-paced gambling entertainment. 

In addition, bingo and keno games differ in payouts. Some online casinos offer a payout of up to 1,000x the bet for matching all ten winning numbers. In other sites, the payouts are far more significant, and there’s a jackpot prize, too.

Online Keno Philippines

Types of Bets in Online Keno 

Keno games offer you plenty of possibilities to play and win big. This section will cover the tickets you’ll encounter when playing keno online.

Straight Tickets 

A straight ticket is the most popular option for many players, where they pick up to 15 numbers. You can win a payout if you match the winning numbers.

Split Tickets 

Split tickets in online keno games represent two or more tickets in one. Circles or straight lines separate the numbers in these tickets. Hence, they cannot be mixed when the winning numbers are announced.

Combination Tickets 

Combination tickets allow the players to combine multiple wagers and number selections in one ticket. This ticket will give you a wider spread over the numbers and improve the chances of winning payouts.

Way Tickets 

Way tickets will feature three or more groups of equal spots. Players combine these groups to create new ways to play the game. For many players, tickets are more versatile than split and straight tickets.

King Tickets 

King tickets will have one number called the ‘king’ number because you can’t play it alone. Instead, you combine this number with other king numbers or groups of numbers to create several ‘ways.’ It’s easy to spot king tickets because only one number is circled, and it’s often more expensive.

In addition to these standard keno tickets, there are a few more tickets that you should know about. Some of the best alternatives to play are progressive jackpot games, computer tickets, and the pay-any-catch ticket. In a progressive jackpot game, you’re wagering on numbers that you hope will hit the game’s progressive jackpot. In the computer ticket, the player allows the system to pick the numbers randomly. Finally, the pay any-catch keno ticket pays even by just hitting one winning number. The last ticket is a low-risk/low-reward keno ticket that’s best for beginners.

Best Strategies to Increase your Chances of Winning 

Best Strategies to Increase your Chances of Winning 

Like bingo and slot machines, keno online does not require complicated strategies just to win big. When you play keno online, you’ll rely on the workings of the RNG. Each number in the pool has an equal chance of becoming part of the winning selections. But it doesn’t mean you cannot improve your odds when playing in online casinos.

One approach when you play keno online is to ask how many numbers you must play. Many write-ups say you can start with just four to eight numbers. However, experts say it’s the optimal way to play real money

You can also focus on the game’s ‘Hot’ and ‘Cold’ numbers. In this game, the ‘hot’ refers to numbers that often come up, while the ‘cold’ are those that rarely come up. Finally, watch out for your betting habits when you play keno. Always start small,  and don’t rush your bets. The slower you are, the more you’ll enjoy this game and protect your bankroll. Speaking of bets, you must set a bankroll and stick with the budget. Learn to walk away from the game if the last few rounds didn’t work in your favor.


Keno online may not be as popular as slots and bingo, but they’re entertaining too. You can’t go wrong with these games if you’re looking for a fast and fun game in online casinos. The game’s main appeal lies in the simplicity of its rules and the randomness of results. There’s no need to master complex rules and strategies- just pick your numbers, and let the RNG draw the winning digits. It also helps that many gambling sites that feature keno boast exciting bonuses like signup offers, cash bonuses, and cashback that can boost the bankroll.

It may not be thrilling as sports betting or exciting like online slots and other casino games, but it also offers decent payouts and bonuses to keep players happy.