PBA Betting for Beginners- Betting Guide and Other Tips

The Philippine Basketball Association, or the PBA, is Asia’s first professional basketball association. Established in 1975, it is the premier league, and its popularity mirrors the Filipino’s passion for the sport. Moreover, the game and league’s popularity extends to sports betting. Today, PBA betting remains a popular leisure activity for many, and it’s completely legal in many licensed and registered sportsbooks nationwide.

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In this article, we’ll look at PBA betting in greater detail and provide you with resources and tips on betting odds, tips, and how to get started.

Betting on the PBA – How does it work? 

So what is PBA betting, and why is it a popular leisure activity among Filipinos? 

In simplest terms, it involves wagering on a PBA game’s results. Like in other sports, it includes wagering on the result of the match, which we call Moneyline, or enjoying prop bets, like betting on which team takes the first quarter, the second quarter, or wagering on the highest scorer. There are several types of bets, with the Moneyline, Point Spread, and Over/Under bets as the most popular. 

In the Philippines, there are two ways to bet on the results of a PBA game. One, bettors can visit one of the physical betting shops. Or two, they can see an online sportsbook registered with PACGOR or an offshore licensed casino.

Famous PBA Tournaments

Famous PBA Tournaments 

The main aim of PBA online betting is to wager on the results of matches. In Philippine professional basketball betting, there are several tournaments that you can follow to place bets. The three famous tournaments or cups in the Philippine Basketball Association calendar are the Philippine Cup, Commissioner’s Cup, and the Governor’s Cup. However, before you wager and enjoy sports betting, knowing the differences between these cups is crucial. Each cup has a different schedule, and they feature other formats.

Philippine Cup 

The Philippine Cup is the first conference for the 2022–23 PBA season. In the first conference, the league adapts the single-round robin eliminations, and each team has 11 games. In addition, the Top 8 teams advance to the quarterfinals. There will be playoffs for the last quarterfinal berth in case of a tie. Also, PBA teams are not allowed to hire the services of an import.

Commissioner’s Cup 

The Commissioner’s Cup is the second conference in the PBA calendar. Compared to the first conference, the second allows teams to hire foreign players to beef up their play. Imports must comply with the height limit set at 6’10″. The league adopts the single-elimination eliminations, but each team plays 12 games this time.

Governor’s Cup

The Governor’s Cup is the league’s third conference and is hosted in association with Honda. Like the second conference, this tournament allows teams to get the services of imports or foreign players with a height limit of up to 6 feet and 6 inches. Again, all teams play the single-round robin format, and the Top 8 teams move into the quarterfinals.

PBA Season and Teams – What Makes them Different? 

In sports betting, it’s crucial to understand not just the rules of the sport but also the different leagues and their underlying formats and schedules. The bettor’s success partly depends on understanding how each season works and the schedule of matches.

In PBA online betting, a season refers to one calendar year’s worth of basketball matches. Traditionally, the league adopts a three-conference format for each season. In addition, as part of traditional rules, there’s a conference where only local players can play, and there’s one too where imports can participate. The 2022–23 PBA season is the 47th season of the league, and it’s crucial because teams revert to the three-conference format after exploring another format in the previous two seasons.

Types of Bets you Can Place on PBA Betting

Types of Bets you Can Place on PBA Betting 

The PBA offers Filipinos exciting betting markets as a popular online sports betting option. In PBA online betting, you can play prematch or enjoy in-play betting. Like the NBA, Moneyline, Point Spread, Over/Under, Futures, and Prop bets are the most popular bets. These PBA bets work in different ways, so you must review first how each wager works before putting your money on the line.

Moneyline Bets

In a Moneyline bet, you simply wager on one team or player to win over its opponent. For example, in PBA games, you aim to bet on the team that wins, regardless of the score.

Point Spread Bets

The point spread is another popular option in a betting site. It represents the oddsmaker’s and the market’s best guesses at the differences in scores between the two teams. For example, if Barangay Ginebra is favored over the TNT Tropang GIga by 5.5 points and Ginebra wins by 7 points, then Ginebra has ‘covered’ the spread. Now, if you wagered on Ginebra, then you win the bet.

Over/Under Bets

Betting sites will also offer over/under bets or total bets. Here, the total refers to the combined scores of both PBA teams. This total is a number that is set by betting sites based on how they expect the game to unfold from the scoring perspective. In sports betting, you pick if the total number of points scored by both teams will be over or under the total.


In PBA online betting, a futures bet is a wager on an event that will be determined in a given season beyond the current day or week. For example, most futures bets in PBA games focus on wagers on which team will win, enter the quarters or semis, or win the conference.


In proposition or prop betting, you’re wagering on an event ancillary to the game’s outcome. Many PBA betting sites will allow you to bet on side events, like partial game results or individual milestones. For example, you can wager on the player who will end up with the most points or assist in the game.

PBA Betting Tips and Strategies to Improve your Winning Chances

PBA Betting Tips and Strategies to Improve your Winning Chances 

With PBA betting, we bet on the outcomes of games for potential payouts while supporting our favorite teams. It’s a fun and potentially lucrative leisure activity when done responsibly. But to become successful in PBA online betting, one must go beyond his loyalty to the teams and learn a few tips and strategies.

So, how do you improve your odds of success in PBA online betting? 

One important strategy is to research the teams and players before the season or the conference starts. The more you know about the game, players, and teams, the luckier you will become on the PBA betting markets. For example, check out which players have improved or are sidelined. Find out the teams with improved training or that have acquired key players in a trade.

In PBA betting, finding value in your bets is crucial. Finding value means understanding the PBA betting lines and the odds. The betting odds provide insights into the likely results of a game. As a bettor, learn how to shop and compare betting odds. The decimal format, 2.5 or 1.5, is popular among most PBA betting sites. Finally, learn how to shop for the best sports betting bonuses, including free bets.

How to Pick the Right Bookmaker for PBA Betting? 

Your success in sports betting also depends on your selected sportsbook. As such, you must study and compare all top PBA betting sites. In comparing the best PBA betting sites, watch out for the license, registration, available sports betting services, bonuses, and support.

A crucial concern for bettors is the types of betting markets available. For example, does the betting site support both pre-match and in-play betting? If the online bookmaker accepts bets for live games, you should have access to essential tools such as Live Scores, Live Streams, and Game Schedules.

In addition, keep an eye on the quality of betting odds available on the betting site. The betting odds should be available in different formats, like decimal and fractional, and it also helps if there is a basketball odds calculator. Finally, you can compare and pick a PBA betting site based on its sportsbook bonuses and campaigns.

PBA Betting Apps - How do they Work?

PBA Betting Apps – How do they Work? 

Betting on sports online continues to improve thanks to new technologies and innovation. One helpful technology that pushes the boundaries of online gambling is mobile, particularly mobile betting apps. With your mobile app, you can access the PBA online services on your device anywhere, anytime.  The mobile sports app is just a compact site that is convenient and highly accessible. A mobile app lets you access all PBA online information, from scores, PBA game schedules, and betting odds, updated in real-time.

An app simplifies the betting experience in different ways. For example, you can track the schedule or the results of the Philippine Cup on your phone. Or if you signed up for notifications, you will get news and updates on PBA game scores from PBA online sites on your device! Another good thing about a mobile app is that it allows you to complete convenient and flexible payments. Bettors don’t need to worry about security since most sites now use encryption and Two-Factor Authentication.

You can download and install the app on your preferred device to enjoy PBA online and mobile betting. Alternatively, you can directly access the PBA online betting site from your smartphone browser.


Betting on the results of PBA matches remains a popular leisure activity among Filipinos. As a result, the PBA is one of the primary drivers of the online sports betting industry in the Philippines. In the best PBA betting sites, you can bet on the results, follow and support your favorite teams, and join a growing community of basketball fans and bettors. But before you jump into online sports betting, research your options, explore the best PBA betting tips and odds, and work only with a legit PBA online betting site. 

Make sure to check out our site if you are a beginner or looking for more information. Our team covers the Philippines sports betting industry like a pro, and we only review and list bookmakers that are legit and offer the best services to local bettors!